Kaz fell in love with the beautiful quality of Mexican sterling silver during her first trip to Mexico in 1993. From here her fate was decided and KazMexico was born!
20+ years later, Kaz now travels through the streets of Mexico City, boards buses to remote locations, and personally designs and chooses the exquisite hand-crafted collections to bring back to Australia.
Kaz + Mexico = KazMexico
Our jewellery
KazMexico only uses sterling silver direct from Mexico, and natural stones hand selected from around the world. Each piece is thought out and designed by Kaz and the KazMexico family.
Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver with the standard 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% of other metal. The metal percentage aids in strength and durability of the metal when used in jewellery.
Where can you find KazMexico?
Our online store is always open. If you want to shop KazMexico IRL check out our socials to see where we are this week!